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Epidemic Prevention


Healthy and high living quality is the basic requirements for people in the 21th century. Therefore, the products with anti-bacterial functions will become the mandatory competitive features for any conventional product in near future.


After researching and executing series of experiments by Cargico Corporation for several years, Bio-Kil Bacteria Elimination Technology has now been becoming available with strong anti-bacteria function and without any side effect. Through delicate microbiological inspection processes by domestic famous Universities and Laboratories, Bio-Kil Bacteria Elimination Technology has been proven to be toxicity-free, side effect-free and pollution-free. It is a significant break-through in anti-microbial field for its capability of killing bacteria speedily with long lasting efficacy. Most importantly, it is harmless to human body. Bio-Kil Bacteria Elimination Technology has achieved an excellent reputation among this academic and medical society!


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